Press Announcement

IDB Embraces the Future with Move to New Headquarters

May 25, 2021


As the centerpiece of an ambitious plan to transform its systems, services and infrastructure, IDB Bank, a New York-based private and commercial bank, today announced that their new headquarters at 1114 Sixth Avenue in New York City’s landmark Grace Building opened for business on Tuesday, May 18th. The new office features soaring architecture, sweeping views of Bryant Park and a suite of technological innovations designed to provide an outstanding experience for employees and clients alike.

The move is a key component of IDB’s strategic plan, which prioritizes IDB’s growth pillar as a means to improve the organization from the inside out. This has entailed improving internal process synergies, integrating digital innovation programs, and enhancing the bank’s core banking system. It has also meant modernizing the bank’s physical premises, creating open spaces for improved collaboration, and relocating the service teams to a more accessible location for our clients, all while continuing to deliver on its growth strategy. As these efforts continue, IDB is excited about occupying its new headquarters at the end of May, and looks forward to welcoming clients on an appointment-only basis until New York State fully lifts COVID restrictions.


“This move demonstrates just how far we’ve come in our transformation journey, and symbolizes our profound optimism in the future of the city, the Bank, and our valued clients.”
- Ziv Biron, President and CEO of IDB Bank


Amongst the most notable upgrades are the new modernized office spaces and state-of-the-art technology to benefit our clients and employees. More specifically, these additions include a dedicated client Wi-Fi while visiting the premises, and a full upgrade across servicing systems and platforms. IDB bankers will be able to access clients’ accounts and other relevant information instantly from any device, allowing for more beneficial and productive on-site meetings.

According to IDB Bank President & CEO Ziv Biron, “This move demonstrates just how far we’ve come in our transformation journey, and symbolizes our profound optimism in the future of the city, the Bank, and our valued clients. I would like to thank everyone who, despite the extraordinary challenges of the pandemic, worked so hard to help us achieve this critical milestone.”

While the pandemic marked a strategic inflection point for the bank and many others around the world, IDB has demonstrated its commitment to fulfill its initiatives as planned – showing to be a testament to the strength of their teams, the durability of their values, and the soundness of the strategic plan. IDB remains steadfast in its client-first approach, and is committed to delivering personal service as they continue to deliver on their strategic plan, roll out new products and services, and welcome clients into the new offices.

The strategic move to the new building also served as an opportunity for the Bank to continue expanding its ongoing efforts to contribute to charities. Specifically, the Bank was able to donate the company’s former headquarters’ furniture, televisions, appliances and other items to New York City-based several Not-For-Profit organizations, who has since passed on these donations to schools, families, and libraries, making a real difference for those in the local community.

As the bank continues to monitor the course of the pandemic, they plan to host an official opening celebration when it is deemed safe to do so.