Providing financial solutions that work for developers, investors, management companies and multiple property classes.

With over 70 years of experience and deep understanding of industry challenges, IDB’s Commercial Real Estate team supports property owners, developers and builders with every type of financing requirement. We can help you keep pace with changes in the marketplace while maintaining high credit quality levels and providing the personalized service, efficiency and flexibility to fit your specific needs.


Types of Property

Commercial Real Estate Solutions

Senior Debt Financing

We specialize in helping investors finance income-producing properties through senior debt financing. Our team has experience with a wide range of scenarios and properties. And we are committed to helping clients find and execute the best possible solution for their property and portfolio.

Acquisition Financing

With a highly personalized approach, our team works with clients to put together the right financing solution, including fixed and floating-rate loans that makes sense for each specific property, as well as the client’s unique strategic requirements.

Bridge Loans and Credit Lines

Commercial real estate is full of uncertainties and surprises. That’s why our team is ready with a full suite of financing options for every situation, including bridge loans and lines of credit. Taken together with our other financing options, they are part of how we strive to be there for our clients - every step of the way. 

Letters of Credit

Transactions are based on trust. That’s why our commercial real estate team offers letters of credit to clients, along with the personalized service and wide array of financing solutions and support.

Private Banking for Real Estate Executives

For commercial real estate executives, investors, and other professionals, we offer domestic and international private banking services.

Banking and Lending

For our high-net-worth clientele, we offer many deposit and credit solutions to manage their day-to-day savings and expenses, along with tailored solutions for their families and household staff.

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Wealth Management

We are committed to helping our high-net-worth clients find solutions that are tailored to their specific financial circumstances, investment preferences and objectives.

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Meet Our Commercial Real Estate Team

Avi Lieberman

Senior Vice President
Commercial Real Estate
New York Team Lead

Elena Dokianos

Senior Vice President
Commercial Real Estate
New York Region

Rod Trzcinski

Senior Vice President
Commercial Real Estate
Florida Region

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