We’re the right financial partner that can help you bring your business to the U.S. We speak your language, culture, and currency. 

As the largest Israeli-owned bank in the United States, we are the leading provider of banking services for Israeli companies looking to do business in the U.S. We also provide a channel for U.S. Corporations seeking to expand into Israel.


Why Choose Us

We aren’t just your banker across the ocean. We are your trusted partner and closest advisor, offering a seamless transition from doing business in Israel to establishing your company in the U.S. We’ve seen and done it all before – and we’re ready to help you get started.


We’re here for you 24 hours a day, six days a week, offering support in Hebrew and English.


Quick, easy, and individualized customer service and U.S. account opening from Israel.


No need to hop on a plane – we bring U.S. banking and personalized services to Israel, as if we’re right in the room with you. We have a representative in Israel who can come to your doorstep.


We have a deep team of Hebrew and English-speaking professionals with extensive expertise and knowledge in the Israeli and American markets.


We know that many Israeli companies start in the U.S. with no assets and no sales, and need the support of a bank like IDB, who can cooperate with them based on the strength of the Israeli company, and widen its focus beyond the U.S. activity.

What We Offer

Our clients enjoy a full range of tech-specific financial products and services, customized to their specific businesses, to help them expand across key markets in the U.S.

Our History

The story of IDB is a story of flexibility, collaboration, and evolution. We are deeply steeped in Israeli culture and business – and as both the American and Israeli business landscapes continue to adapt rapidly, we’re ideally positioned to bridge the gap between business in both countries.

Cultural Connection

We know that Israel is a culture – it’s not just about speaking the language or knowing financial regulations. We can assess financial data in Hebrew from Israel – but just as importantly, we build strong relationships  and become fully immersed in our Israeli and American clients’ businesses alike. Our deep ties with our Israeli counterparts help us serve your needs with professionalism and personalization, 24 hours, six days a week.

Banking for Israeli Companies in the U.S.

As an established bank in both Israel and the US, we offer a great variety of products, services, and bundles unique to Israeli companies in the U.S.

The Israeli Network Advantage

We offer extensive networking opportunities and access to contacts, relevant events, panels, and webinars that can help you connect with other peers from multiple industries with expansion experiences similar to yours.

Meet Our Israel Gateway Team

Zahi Levy

Senior Vice President
Head of Israel Gateway

Mali Golan

First Vice President
Relationship Manager
Israel Gateway

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