We partner with startups at all stages, in all industries.

At a time of unprecedented innovation, startups need a partner who can open doors and supply the financial solutions that turn bold strategies into action. At IDB, we listen to your needs and challenges to create a customized plan for successful growth. Clients benefit from our team’s deep understanding of the tech industry in Israel and the U.S., along with a full array of financial solutions. With strong relationships and personalized service, we empower tech companies at all stages, and act as a channel for startups, VCs, and investors in Israel and the U.S. to connect and build a strong network that can help them grow.


Our Specialties

Our clients enjoy a full range of tech-specific financial products and services, customized to their specific businesses, to help them grow from an early-stage startup to a full-fledged unicorn. We will grow with you – and bring a long-term approach to your business that rivals your own.

Why Choose IDB Tech?

Whether you lead a innovative tech startup or established business in cyber security, IDB Tech offers solutions for high-growth, disruptive companies at every stage of their lifecycle.

Tech-Specific Financial Solutions

We offer special fee packages with no minimum balance or maintenance fees tailored to tech businesses. We also offer competitive rates on deposits, FX services, and venture lending services for VC backed companies.

Tech Ecosystem Expertise

Our team has long-lasting, strong relationships with key industry leaders, VCs and investors, along with deep roots in Israel's “Startup Nation,” given our position as the largest Israeli-owned bank in the U.S.

Relocation Package

We’re here to ease your move to the U.S. with banking services such as checking accounts, saving accounts, and debit cards. We help clients with big-picture financial strategies to develop custom plans based on their strategy and our own deep understanding of the tech space in Israel and the U.S.

Banking Solutions for Tech Companies

Tech-Focused Banking

We deliver to all our clients a powerful combination of vast experience within the tech ecosystem, deep relationships in the financial realm, and a strong commitment to personalized service. As clients’ needs evolve, we adapt and change with them. We build a custom plan to deliver the solutions that best fit their business models and specific needs.

Venture Lending

We offer venture loans to technology, VC backed companies and startups at their A, B or C rounds which  allows them to leverage both equity and debt to achieve their goals while minimizing dilution and costs. Our venture lending services also provide great flexibility to companies in case of unexpected operational and capital needs.

Deposits and Fee Package

Our custom 3-Year Fee Package for tech companies offers free incoming wires, free incoming and outgoing ACHs, four free outgoing wires a month in USD or any other currency – all with no minimum balance required and no maintenance fee.

Online Banking for Cash Management

Our comprehensive online platform and mobile app makes it easy to manage your account and access your funds from anywhere in the world. It offers online information reporting, online payments and deposit management, along with cutting-edge security and fraud protection.

Relocation Package for C-level Executives

Start building credit with our credit card offerings

For C-level executives who are looking to relocate to the U.S., we offer credit options like the Visa Signature Card to help you start building credit.

We manage everything while you're in Israel

Our team can start working with you immediately and open an account before you move and expand your business to the U.S.

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