Banking Experts Who Help You Serve, 
Educate and Improve Your Community.

Not-for-profit organizations have a vision and a goal of serving the needs of individuals and communities. At IDB, we leverage our business expertise to advance that vision by delivering real support for organizations to help them realize their goals. We share your mission and consider ourselves as a partner to our clients; we’re committed to adding value to your organization and the overall community.


Our Specialties

Why Choose IDB Bank?

We offer unrivaled service and an unparalleled portfolio of customizable solutions to drive results for a variety of non-profits.

Not For Profit 
Banking Expertise

Our years of experience with a wide range of not-for-profit organizations helps our team understand, anticipate and support your organization with the solutions that fit your goals and needs.

Customized Financing Solutions

With a full suite of financing solutions, we can put together the best possible overall financing structures for your organization and its evolving needs to add value and make your day to day easier and more efficient.

Relationship-Driven Approach

We pride ourselves on listening first and tailoring the solutions we offer clients. That personal approach means getting to know organizations and coming up with the best possible solutions for their unique situations, missions and goals.

Commercial Solutions for the Not For Profit & Education Sector

We offer debt structures to support the longer-term objectives of your organization, including owner-occupied commercial mortgages, liquidity management solutions, qualified retirement plans for employees, purchasing cards, investment management and more.

Tax-Exempt & Conventional Financing

Our team has experience providing the low-cost, tax-exempt financing available to qualified nonprofits as well as taxable loans when they undertake capital projects. Our team is knowledgeable about the markets, the regulations and the financing structures to help organizations make their visions into realities.

Bridge Financing 

Not-for-profit organizations can face unique challenges when it comes to cash flow. Grants can take a long time to apply for, and just as long be awarded. In the meanwhile, operating expenses continue be incurred. Our team can provide the financing necessary to keep things moving smoothly throughout the year.

Capital Project Loans

Whether it’s an expanded or upgraded office space, a community center, or another building project, our experienced team offers a wide range of customizable, cost-effective lending solutions.


Private Banking for Not for Profit & Education Members

The line between commercial banking and private banking is often hard to distinguish. That’s why we are proud to offer our commercial banking clients with access to a robust private banking platform.

Banking & Lending

For our high-net-worth clientele, we offer many deposit and credit solutions to manage their day-to-day savings and expenses, along with tailored solutions for their families and household staff.

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Wealth Management

Our wealth management experts and resources are available to strategically manage your wealth and assets. We remain committed to providing objective and transparent discretionary investment management services to our high-net-worth individuals.

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Recent Highlights

$20 Million 

Tax Exempt Refinancing for
Rehabilitation Center 
in New York Area

$43 Million 

Tax-Exempt Financing for Acquisition and Renovation New Office Space in New York Area

$5.4 Million 

Acquisition Loan for Food Bank
Located in New York Area

Client Testimonials

“The people at IDB were honest, showed character, understood our mission as a non-profit community healthcare center, and they were passionate about being our partner. There was no ego or attitude. And they have followed through on every commitment they’ve made.” 

Bob Chaloner
President and CEO 
Southampton Hospital 

“We knew IDB was right for us when they talked in common-sense ways and gave us common-sense solutions to advance our goals. A banking relationship is critically important to us, especially as we grow. And we found a partner in IDB.” 

Christine McMahon
CEO, Fedcap

“IDB is a great partner for us. We trust them and value the choices they’re making on our behalf. IDB has a presence in our community, so if they succeed with us, they know they’re giving back to the community.”

Betsy Dubovsky
 Executive Director
Staten Island Foundation 

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