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Our Food & Beverage expertise and commitment has deep roots dating back to IDB Bank's U.S. formation in 1949. 70 years later, IDB Bank remains the largest Israeli bank operating in the U.S. – a growth story fueled by our food and beverage trusted client relationships. Our Food and Beverage platform offers a competitive commercial banking product suite and diversified lending capabilities to enable growth in any business model – B2B and B2C across the U.S.


Our Specialties

Why Choose IDB Bank?

We provide added value in the food and beverage sector through experience, industry knowledge and emphasis on strong client relationships.

Food & Beverage Banking Expertise

Our team specializes in optimal short- and long-term debt structures, equipment financing and flexible working capital solutions. We also provide cost effective acquisition and bridge financing solutions available to finance a target Acquisition.

Strategic Market Positioning

Our team has a national coverage model in core market segments. We focus on middle-market companies and emerging brands who have a clear growth strategy that can benefit from our full suite of commercial solutions. 

Relationship-Driven Approach

Our customer-driven model of working with clients allows us to tailor creative solutions around asset diversification and wealth management, based on clients’ particular strategies and opportunities. 

Food & Beverage Banking Solutions

We combine financing expertise with an in-depth understanding of the opportunities, challenges, and trends in the food & beverage industry. With solutions for every market environment, we’ll provide business owners with the tools and options to achieve your strategic objectives.

Asset-Based Lending

Our asset-based lending team is committed to exceeding the financing needs of a wide range of middle market clients. Our flat organization gives clients direct access to senior-level management who make your business personal with revolving lines of credit, term loan facilities, letters of credit and capital expenditure credit lines.


We work with clients and multiple lenders to design flexible, customized financing solutions. Our syndication capabilities allow us to take on large-scale deals in a variety of structures. 

Owner-Occupied Real Estate Financing

We get to know our customers, which allows our experienced and knowledgeable lenders to tailor loans to meet their needs. For business owners, that often comes down to getting liquidity from the premises where they operate every day. Our team places special emphasis on personalized attention to deliver the best financing available.

Lines of Credit & Term Loans

Our flexible lines of credit give clients access to financing as new needs arise, with liquidity immediately available in the form of cash, checks or electronic transfer. With both fixed and floating rates available, our term loans offer a variety of ways for clients to finance the initiatives and investments that matter most.

Private Banking Services

Banking and Lending

For our high net-worth clientele, we offer many deposit and credit solutions to manage their day-to-day savings and expenses, along with tailored solutions for their families and household staff.

Explore Banking and Lending

Wealth Management

We are committed to helping our high net worth clients find solutions that are tailored to their specific financial circumstances, investment preferences and objectives.

Explore Wealth Management

Manage your Business with our Treasury Services

We offer a suite of products and services that can best help you manage your day-to-day business activities.

Cash Management

We offer a robust suite of cash management solutions through IDBAccess®, our online banking platform, making it easier for companies to manage their funds. From multiple convenient payment options to security and fraud protection tools, we can help you maximize your liquidity.

Trade Finance & 
Supply Chain Strategies

We know the importance of efficiency, speed, and personal service for import businesses. With Trade Finance, we assure prompt issuance of your credits.

Receivables Management

Our paperless platform for the outsourcing of your businesses' accounts receivable collection process allows you to ledger them with secure access to their current status, collector's comments, historical trends and the ability to download information.

Foreign Exchange 
& Derivatives

For companies who need to hedge against currency and interest rate exposures, we offers solutions to manage risk, while also reducing vendor costs. 

Client Stories

When Jimmy’s Cookies acquired Ecce Panis, IDB provided financing to support the company’s working-capital needs, which had grown along with the business. IDB also assisted with a debt solution to help the growing company close the acquisition while opening a new facility.

Jimmy’s Cookies
Acquisition Financing

To continue its expansion, Kari-Out decided to automate more of its processes. IDB came in with financing to pay for the capital improvements that would help it buy and install the equipment it needed for automation, while supporting its business growth through the challenges of Covid-19.

Equipment Financing

Produce supplier Bodek had grown to the point that it needed a new warehouse to support its operations. With customized financing solutions based on the company’s existing real estate, to support the purchase of new modern NJ-based warehouse.

Owner-Occupied Real Estate

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