Corporate Announcement

IDB Bank Stands with Israel

A Message to Our Clients and Communities from Ziv Biron, IDB Bank President & CEO

October 10, 2023


To our valued clients, 

On Saturday morning, we woke up to a new reality as we learned of the devastating Hamas terrorist attacks on southern and central Israel. Over these past few days, as we hear the details of the events and follow the stories of the survivors, we understand that the full reality of these events is incomprehensible. Thousands of civilians – Including babies, young children and elders – were attacked in their homes. At this time, over 1,000 are dead, over 2,700 are injured and over 100 have been kidnapped and are held by Hamas in Gaza. 

This is our 9/11.

These events and their aftermath will be felt deeply by all of us for many years, and will shape the future of Israel and its people. 

Amid this difficult reality, we want to reiterate that IDB stands with Israel, now and always. We are confident in the strength and resilience of our country and our people and believe in the power of the perseverance that has defined us. We will prevail as we always have and always will. We have no other option.

IDB is ready to bring forward the power of our organization and its resources to support our colleagues, communities and clients.

To our valued clients, we are here to support you and the unique needs you may have during this time. We ask that you contact your relationship manager or our Senior Management Team with any concerns or challenges that we may be able to assist with, as we navigate through these challenging times. 

We additionally remain committed to partnering with nonprofit and NGO organizations that are well positioned to drive meaningful on-the-ground support to some of the most severely impacted populations in Israel. At this time, we are proud to share that we have committed financial resources to the United Jewish Federation Israel Emergency Fund and Brothers and Sisters in Arms

We are confident that Israel will prevail and we remain optimistic about the future of our country and its people. 

Thank you for your continued relationship, 

Ziv Biron
President & CEO